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CASPOA – AO CoE is offering 10 course types to NATO allies and coalition partners.

These courses are listed in the NATO ETOC catalogue and are delivered in English. As a Center of Excellence, CASPOA – AO CoE follows  « SACEUR's Annual Guidance on NATO Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation » to allocate seats in these various courses. Should the need arise, and as a last resort, CASPOA – AO CoE will request NCS attendees prioritization from SHAPE (J7).


  • JFAC OC (B): JFAC Operations Course "basic" ;
  • JFAC OC (I): JFAC Operations Course "implementation" ;
  • JFAC PC: JFAC Planning Course ;
  • JFAC LS: JFAC Leadership Seminar ;
  • TST: Time Sensitive Targeting course ;
  • JPRC: Joint Personnel Recovery Center course ;
  • ICC: Integrated Command and Control course ;
  • JTS BOC: Joint Targeting System "Basic Operator Course" ;
  • JTS TTT: Joint Targeting System "Train The Trainer".




 Handbook JFAC OC

Handbook JFAC OC

Handbook PC

Handbook JFAC Estimate Functional Planning Guide