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NATO Centre of Excellence "NEW DEAL"




NATO Centre of Excellence « NEW DEAL »


Upon NATO Council requirements, Deputy Supreme Allied Command Transformation drive a new deal with NATO Center of Excellences in order to enhance synchronisation of effort in support of Allied Command Operation, Allied Command Transformation and Nations. The Annual CoEs Directors’ Conference, 10-11 July 19, was a great venue to exchange among participants and develop the « New Deal » networking.


CASPOA – NATO Air operations CoE Director, Colonel Yann Villevieille, FRA A, participated to the 10-11 July 2019 COE Directors’ Conference (COE DIR CONF) hosted by DSACT, Admiral Manfred NIELSON, DEU N, at the NATO Mountain Warfare (MW) Centre of Excellence in Bled, SVN. The aim to bring together all COE Directors and equivalent representatives from NATO Bodies and Multinational Organisations was to inform of recent developments, compare experiences and discuss NATO-COE cooperation. This great opportunity was used to better understand the requirements introduce by the NATO Command Structure Adaptation and identify the COEs level of support  in several domains such as training, doctrinal development and innovation. This forum facilitate the directors’ networking to increase individual and collective effectiveness. 

Specifically, ways of cooperation in Air domain have been identified on training and doctrine with Joint Air Power Competence Center, which should drive lines of action by September 19 in direct support of ACT and ACO entities.