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NATO exercise Ramstein Ambition 2019



NATO exercise Ramstein Ambition 2019


“Dealing with complex Command and Control structures is not something you can invent in a minute and teaching how to execute operations in real time scenarios is definitely a tough job.  

The NATO Air Operations Center of Excellence  (AO CoE) sent his Italian exchange instructor officer to participate as an observer in the initial set up of the major NATO exercise Ramstein Ambition 2019 (RAAM 19). 

He found participating in RAAM 19 to be an enriching experience, enhanced by his command and control instructor perspective.   

Within few days all participants from NATO’s partner nations committed into a large initial organizational effort. They netted a robust and flexible C2 architecture which was immediately implemented. 

The great number of players was initially mentored by  experienced instructors both present in the HQ AIRCOM and in the audience of the exercise, building up a multinational team free from national stereotypes. 

In the real-world complex exercise, the critical capabilities this interoperable team can provide could be hampered by many factors and miscommunication is probably the most common problem, but surely it is not the only one.   

Nevertheless, with standardization, flexibility and reactivity, as well as respect, education and interpersonal knowledge, a good C2 team can provide the fusion and directions which ensures a successful operation. 

Without this fusion, an operation will fail.  

That is the reason why every single officer who works in the field of Air operations at any level must be knowledgeable in Command and Control processes. 

This is why AO CoE constantly seeks to improve its courses keeping his instructors current. It also looks for new ways to better educate, keeping in mind the battles of the future will be won or lost because of C2.”