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Foreign students

1. Fill the registration request form

The trainee fill in the « COURSE REGISTRATION REQUEST FORM » found in the CASPOA Air C2 COE web site, after checking prerequisite for the course are respected.

NB: If the prerequisites are not met, the 1st day of the course, the candidate may be denied access to the course by the CASPOA - Air C2 CoE.

2. Send the form

Send the form to the CASPOA email (see inside the form for the adress). An automatic email aknowledgment of receipt is sent by the CASPOA.

NB : It does not constitute a validation of your registration to the course.

3. Handling of the application by the CASPOA

4. Response to the registration request

  • Validation : cf paragraph 5.a
  • Waiting list : cf paragraph 5.b
  • Rejection (full course) : cf paragraph 5.c
  • Prerequisite rejection (trainees not respecting the prerequisites) : end of process

5. Action to take by the trainee after receiving the response to its registration request

  1. The received email integrates a AB942 welcome booklet and a PAF (Personal Administration Form) to fill as soon as possible and return to the CASPOA in order to establish administrative and functional documents for the course.
  2. The waiting list is maintained up to 2 weeks before the starting date of the course. Then the registration of the trainee will be validated or rejected. If validated, the trainee wil follow the process on paragraph 5.a.
  3. Make a new registration request for another course of the academic calendar following step 2. of the process.

6. At the end of the course

 The trainee will be delivered a diploma certifying the attendance of the Course.


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