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New Air Operations CAX Platform INAUGURAL CEREMONY




On Monday 1st of July, NATO Air Operations Center of Excellence Assistant Director, Brigadier General Louis PENA, with Lyon Air Base Commander, Colonel Arnaud BOURGUIGNON, performed the inaugural ceremony of the brand new Air Ops training platform.


The new technical setting of the simulation and pedagogical environement supports NATO softwares used in current air operations command and control system. Far more change is performed through the deployment of large screen walls and interactive touch screens in order to enhance interactions and visual comfort for students in support of current air operations Computer Assisted Exercise and Air Ops planning training sessions.

  Initiated with the goal of gaining power, memory and flexibility, the project required two years of collaborative effort between the simulation systems and experimentations division and external companies as ComputaCenter / Eyevis as well as with the information systems Steering Committee of the Air Base. This official inauguration had been the opportunity to congratulate and recognise the huge effort performed by all the project participants.
 Finally, the platform implementation will allow to host more than 120 users against 50 in the past and to undertake faster and easier technical maintenance as well as a more responsive support in case of incident. It adresses futures NATO AO CoE challenges : to ensure high level training for Air Operations Command and Control and to support Air C2 systems simulation future development.