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CASPOA- AO CoE “JFAC Leadership” seminar 19-26






CASPOA- AO CoE “JFAC Leadership” seminar 19-26

From the 24th through the 28th of June, CASPOA hosted a Leadership Seminar for future JFAC Commanders including two foreign general officers and three French colonels.

This seminar targeted Air Operations, key joint functions and associated subjects in order to help current and future Air Operations leaders operate optimally in a JFAC HQ environment.

Encompassing both theoretical presentations on the JFAC HQ, its functions, and the COMJFAC’s role and influence, as well as hands-on interaction with the concurrent JFAC Planning Course (PC), the seminar generated high-value symbiosis between the two levels of future Air C2 Operators.  During the hands-on interaction, the JFAC LS attendees were directly involved as Commanders of the planning process, receiving the Mission Analysis and Course of Action Decision brief while also observing the future Air Operations Planners in their wargame.

Not content with the theory and practice, CASPOA also provided the attendees with testimonies from a former French SNR to the CJTF1 for OIR2, a former French SNR3 to USAFCENT for OIR, the current COMJFAC AFCO4, the current DCOS Support AIRCOM RAMSTEIN and from the current AIRCOM CORE JFAC deputy commander. These shared experiences all proved to be highly valuable moments within the course.

In the end, the 5 attendees as well as the entire Seminar staff enjoyed the 5 days of interaction and formally rated it as highly valuable. The attendees comments, both written and oral, provide testimony that the course will be highly recommended for future Air Operations leaders as it truly exceeded their expectations.