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Locked Shields 17 at the CCD CoE

By the end of April, two technicians of Air Ops CoE attended Locked Shields 17CASPOA – Air Operations CoE – were mandated to Tallinn to participate in the execution phase of a cyber exercise "Locked Shield 17" that took place within the Cooperative Cyber Defense (CCD) CoE. Their mission was to support technically the ICC software and the RAP simulation. This participation has been particularly fruitful insofar as ICC was implemented on a different platform. Moreover, the capabilities of a virtual network, more complete and complex permitted to identify future path for equipment progress.

Finally, Tallinn CoE capability that equipped up to 20 different platforms at the same time with simulation systems showed that the latter could be implemented fairly easily.

Go to the following link to watch the CCD CoE's "Locked Shields 17" execution phase video :