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MSG-128 Experimentation at the Air Ops CoE

In March, the experimentation carried out in thMSG-128 at the Air Ops CoEe framework of the study called “MSG-128 Incremental implementation of NATO Mission Training through Distributed Simulation (MTDS) operations" enabled the connection of different simulators that were distant. To this end, the CASPOA – Air Operations CoE, resorted to the simulation engine of NATO ACCS ("Poseidon"), and linked Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada through a dedicated network (SimDex + CFBLNet). Each of these countries provided an operational capability with their respective simulators.

Thanks to the interoperability of the various air simulation systems of this NATO community, and thanks to the industrial support for France of the two Thales entities (Thales Air Operations and Thales Training and Simulation), the Centre contributed its expertise in the field of Air C2 while addressing the technical challenges for the implementation of such a structure. With the introduction of the simulation capability provided by the future ACCS system, this exercise has been a key step in the Center's progress to such a training capability.

In the end, the study group must decide on the definition of a standing technical infrastructure and make recommendations for the interconnection of simulators that can be envisaged during a disjoint distributed collective training. The next step will be the study of the capability of such a technical-operational architecture at the Alliance joint-level.